December 9th, 2019

Please find attached dates for Award 1, Award 2 and Safeguarding 1 courses for January 2020. Some dates may be subject to change so please contact the relevant person to confirm attendance.
Please note:
Award One Coaching Course – The Award 1 course is the second award on the coaching pathway. The course is aimed at coaches that have completed the Foundation Award, have experience as a coach & takes into account the different playing capacities that exist between children (up to 12 years), youths (age 13–17) and Adults (age 18+). This course consists of 7 modules and includes both theory and practical sessions.
Award Two Coaching Course – The Award 2 course is the third award on the coaching pathway. The course is aimed at experienced coaches that have progressed through the Foundation and Award 1 programmes & like the Award 1 is divided into child, youth and adult. There are 12 modules included in this course with both theory and practical sessions included. Coaches are also assessed throughout the course and an assignment is completed at the end.
GAA Child Safeguarding 1 – This workshop is for all in the GAA that work with underage players – up to age 18. The GAA Code of Behaviour addresses the minimum appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our Young Players, Coaches, Supporters, Parents/Guardians, Referees and Clubs. This must be completed alongside the Foundation Award. There is now an Online Refresher Course available to take within 3 years of completing a Face to Face workshop or a workshop with another sporting organisation – it can be accessed at

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