December 13th, 2019

The AGM took place last week on the 6th of December and below is a list of elected officers.

Role Elected Person
Chairperson: Mick Connell
Vice-Chairperson: John Morris
Secretary: Mary Farrell
Assistant Secretary: Carol Thornton
Treasurer: Hugh Early
Assistant Treasurer: Ann Smith
Registrar: Carol Thornton
P.R.O / I.T Officer: Alan Tormey
Insurance Officer: Niall Flanagan
Lotto Coordinator: Oliva Ferguson
County Delegates: Ultan Fitzpatrick & David Courtney
Children’s Health & Safety Officer: Tara Early
Coaching Officer: Con Fitzgerald
Community Liaison Officer: Mick Connell & Roy Mitchell
Irish Language Officer: Liam Ferguson
Facilities Chairperson: Noel Farrell

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