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Healthy Club End Of Year Review

By gaeilcolmcillepro Wed 14th Dec

Healthy Club End Of Year Review
Healthy Club End Of Year Review

In March this year Gaeil Colmcille GAA joined the Irish Life Healthy Club Project, Phase 5.

Tanya Clarke and Nikki Anderson represented Gaeil Colmcille’s GAA Healthy Club in Croke Pk on March 12th for an induction day.

Gaeil Colmcille represented their club again in the Irish Life National GAA Healthy Club Conference in Croke Park on 12th Nov where over 450 people attended from all around the country. A very interesting panel of speakers attended,

  • Oisin Mc Conville (
  • Niamh O Sullivan
  • Manus O’ Boyle
  • Margaret Farrelly
  • Padraig O’ Hora

The Healthy Club Project aims to help our GAA explore how we can best support the holistic health of our members and the communities we serve.

A team was formed with 8 members working extremely hard to deliver what we felt was best needed in the club following the worst pandemic in history for decades. A plague that claimed the lives of many of our loved ones.

The club had obtained 5 new AED’S (Defibrillators) but due to the pandemic there had been no training of their use. Some members had obtained training in the past but were out of practice and felt they would not have the confidence should they need to use them.

We had a great turnout from interested parties within the club and those who took part felt more confident in their use and how to react to a witnessed collapse.

It is vital you are aware of the use of an AED device and where they are located. We will work on more training and develop a plan moving forward into the new year to get members trained and signpost where they are located.

A Family Fun Day was held at the town pitch on Sat 27th of August 2-6pm.

It proved a huge success with 100’s taking part in a wide range of activities, games and sports events. It was a joy to see so many of our members and non-members having fun and enjoying themselves on a glorious sunny day.

We would like to thank our many sponsors for making donations for medals and trophies:

  • Paddy Duff’s
  • Gormally’s Pharmacy
  • Local Centra
  • William Anderson Plumbing & Heating
  • Special Hands (Alva Cullen)

The Healthy club have raised awareness with healthy eating post matches. We would like our coaches to set a standard for healthy eating post matches. Many children receive treats on a daily basis. Goody bags can be replaced by fruit and small bottle of water.

The Healthy Club have added two new policies to The Gaeil Colmcilles website on……

  • Substance use policy
  • Incident Response Plan


A webinar was circulated prior to the 28th of April @ 19.30 on the clubs WhatApp group to ensure all cohorts were targeted on a nutrition programme for adults. The webinar was delivered by Dr. Aisling O’ Donnell to discuss a nutrition plan for players ages 17+. If you wish to obtain the full presentation, the link is attached below, or you can obtain the webinar information by getting in touch with your CHO (Club Healthy Officer) for more details.

If you would like to receive a nutrition Programme for your cohort of players, please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

Cohorts covered:

  • Children 5-12yrs
  • Teenages 13-17
  • Non playing older adults
  • Adult players.!AtecLRrWqZSFnyD1AUkEfuSfrYpZ?e=kygJaE


A practical CPR, Common sports injuries and medical emergency training was booked by our Heathy Club member Heather McElherron in the centre on Monday 24th October @ 7pm.

It was cancelled due to late cancellations and poor interest.

There will be another session arranged in February. This was something our members have been asking of the healthy clubs so please avail of it when it is booked as it takes lots of organising.

Dads and Lads was set up by Paul Murphy with Healthy club team onboard to assist their first game…

Gaeilic4mothers&others has been ongoing with healthy club members Carol Carry Lynch and Ellie Gavin organising many events throughout the year, it has proved very successful and great numbers togging out. Special thanks to James Flanagan, a former senior player for coaching the ladies every week.

Following on from its successful roll-out in 2015-2016, the GAA, Foroige, and NUI Galway have offered a unique opportunity to avail of the Dermot Early Youth Leadership Programme. We are setting the standards high for this group of youths who attend weekly sessions. We will have Module 1 of 3 complete by Christmas and our students are really enjoying the Programme. The course is facilitated by trained facilitators who completed a 10-hr training course. The facilitators bring their own leadership skills to the Programme with very different backgrounds (Human Resources, secondary school teaching and nursing).

We wish to thank Sean Drew for providing us with a grant recently with funds paying for all the students workbooks and some resources. Sean gave the students a brief talk on leadership within the community. The students look forward to trips away which will be arranged by their facilitators next year. This Programme is a yearlong course with students obtaining a level 6 award and having the experience of graduating in Galway university.

These are some of the achievements within the Healthy Club Project so far.


We are now a Foundation Healthy club and will be receiving our first level of accreditation.

Please contact the Healthy club’s team if you wish to be on the committee.

If you feel we need to address something in the club and could be addressed by the Healthy club, please make contact with your HCO.

Nikki Anderson: 0876665958.

The next challenge will be …………

Ireland Lights Up’ – 2023

the country’s biggest community walking initiative – returns to GAA clubs in January 2023 in partnership with RTE’s Operation Transformation and the support of Get Ireland Walking.

The initiative encourages GAA clubs across the 32 counties to light up their walking tracks and bring communities together to walk and talk in a safe environment during the dark winter evenings. As ever, a club participating in Ireland Lights Up will be showcased each week on RTE’s Operation Transformation.

Due to commence on January 11th.

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