March 25th, 2021

Gaeil Colmcille have launched their 100 Club Draw. The 100 Club Draw will take place over the months of April 2021 to December 2021.

There will be 100 boxes available where each person buys a box for €40 per month, the last Sunday of every month a draw will take place for €1000 and in December we will have a monster draw for €5000 + €500 second prize. Standing Order Forms will be available by contacting one of the below people. Or you can purchase the 9 months outright or set up 9 monthly installments online through our Clubforce account by clicking here

*Please note if you want to pay by installments, this can be done on the final page of the clubforce registration.

For more information contact Ann Smith on 087-9781474 or Hugh Early on 087-9274138, alternatively you can mail for more information

Full Terms & Conditions below:

  1. All entrants will be given a number from 1-100 and this number will not change through out the entirety of the Draw.
  2. The monthly draw will take place on the last Sunday of every month, commencing April 2021 through to December 2021.
  3. Each participant must have their €40 paid in full for that month’s draw before it commences, failure of this will mean your number will be pulled from that monthly draw. Should a participant miss a certain monthly payment they will be required to pay that missing month before re-commencing entry to the draw going forward. If you miss 2 monthly payments it will result in your number being cancelled and sold to another entrant.
  4. Participants have the option of paying the €360 in full.
  5. Participants will only be entered into the December draw for a chance to win €5000 if all of their previous monthly instalments from April – December 2021 have been paid in full.
  6. In the event a participant misses a monthly payment due to unforeseen circumstances, the committee hold the rights to whether the entry can go into the December draw at the end of the year.
  7. All participants are asked to have set up a standing order for their instalments and proof sent to the committee secretary for records.
  8. If you are a winner of any of the monthly draws, then you are required to have had your 9 monthly instalments paid in full before prize money will be released.
  9. Due to the high demand for the 100 places, participants are asked to have their first €40 paid to the nominated bank account before the 16th April 2021, with the first draw taking place the last Sunday in April. Going forward from this each monthly payment if not already paid in full is required by 2nd Sunday of that given month.
  10. When all numbers are filled, a draw will take place to determine everyone’s number for the entirety of the competition.

Each Monthly draw Prize for 9 months is €1000.

Main Draw prize in December is €5000 + €500

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